Barlow Pinch will stop at nothing to find true love. At the suggestion of his roommate – blind, transgender, motivational speaker, Sheshe, Barlow makes his way into the great outdoors. An unexpected event causes Barlow to exchange words with a mother and her daughter. Upon returning home, a very salty Barlow confronts Sheshe, and through a heated exchange, reveals that he, Barlow is NOT African American. Recoiling in the aftermath, Barlow vapes up a storm. Diving deep, Barlow finds the courage to make the one phone call that can change his life. Enter Dr. Dexter Von Croix, and his assistant Jennifer Me. Due to a commonality of years of shame and pain, Barlow and Jennifer find a connection. And yes there will be marching! Welcome Late Bloomers.

OMG! This was hysterical! I feel like I totally KNOW your husband now. Lol! Whata nut! He’s like Will Ferrel. Quirky, weird, colorful – I really enjoyed the cinematography when you played the song “happy together.” The Cinematography on the watermelon swing is actually quite lovely. This was a cute and creative intimate collage of silliness, freedom of expression and celebrating “weirdness” and the human connection. It takes all kinds. Very fun. Kim

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