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I am Overdue a Late Bloomer Ready

late bloomer is a person whose talents or capabilities are not visible to others until later than usual. The term is used metaphorically to describe a child or adolescent who develops slower than others in their age group, but eventually catches up and in some cases overtakes their peers, or an adult whose talent or genius in a particular field only appears later in life than is normal – in some cases only in old age.

Inspired by Pierre Burton's "Secret World Of OG"

Late Bloomer was inspired by ” The Secret World Of OG.” What? Ok, hear me out! When I was a kid I read this book and fell it love with it. Fast forward to present day and I’m burning with desire to make a comedy film.

It was important to me that this film be based on a universal human desire – “a longing to fit it.” I know a lot of films are reversed – the need to be an individual, and not fit in. But with my film I wanted my main characters to be so out of place in any environment, that they longed for the day they could fit in with the crowd and go unnoticed.  

We take for granted our ability to wander through life unnoticed.

The connection. I first started thinking what if a troll like creature, like in ” The Secret World Of OG” came up from down below and started wandering around in public. How people would point and stare, and scream and chase the troll like creature with pitch forks. But then a kind hearted women took the troll in and fell in love with the troll. And the troll fell in love with her, because he didn’t recognize the women to be the hideously ugly ( societies words not mine ) women that she was. And they could go out into the world together, and not be put off by the name calling and being run out of town with pitch forks – because they had each other.

But then I thought I don’t have a huge budget for a film like that, so I made Late Bloomer. Hope you Enjoy! Scott

Casting Late Bloomer

Casting Late Bloomer was such a joy for me. Myself, Kian, Natalie, Lyndon, and Sofia are all students of Ivana Chubbuck here in Los Angeles.

We have all read her book “The Power Of The Actor.”  We have all spent hundreds of hours in class watching each other’s scenes and we all speak the same language.

So when I was writing the script, I had each of these actors in mind for the parts they played!

Myshell and Ella happened quite by accident. I asked my wife if she knew anybody, and boom – Myshell and Ella appeared. When I spoke with Ella, and she told me she is in Season 2 of “Lost In Space” on Netflix, I said yes please – as I am a huge fan of Season 1. 

I am so grateful for this wonderful group of actors being part of Late Bloomer! I had such fun working with ya’ll. Thank you! Scott

Music Rights

All music rights have been secured for this film, Late Bloomer.

If you listen closely, to the last song in the film… yep that’s me, Scott, singing!